International Biometals Society

The International Biometals Society (IBS) was formed at the 7th International Biometals Symposium held in Tucson, Arizona (USA) in July 2010. The aims of the Society are to promote research in the field of metal interactions in biology and to encourage the interdisciplinary exchange of information on this subject at a biennial symposium. The Journal of the Society is BioMetals published by Springer, London and it will carry announcements about the Society. Information about the IBS can also be found on this home page.

Welcome letter from the President of IBS

I am happy that the International Biometals Society (IBS) has now been founded and many colleagues have helped to discuss its establishment and supported the filling of the necessary documents. The announcements for the IBS have already been published in BioMetals, which is now the Official Journal of the Society.

As most of you know, the term Biometals originates from the former title of the journal Biology of Metals founded in 1988, together with the publisher Springer, which was later changed to BioMetals. We also succeded to organize Biometals meetings nearly every two years in Europe and the US which kept the biometals community together. Other meetings dealing with iron, copper and zinc and also with toxic metals have evolved in parallel and have addressed similar aims and scopes. Thus we have a longstanding cooperation between the various metal groups and I always encourage scientific exchange which improves our understanding of metals in biology, biochemistry and medicine.

I am confident that the Biometals Journal and the Biometals Society provide the ideal platform to discuss the latest advances of the role of metal ions in biological systems. Therefore, I welcome young scientists and leading experts to join our newly formed International Biometals Society by filling the application form, that you will find in this site, to become a member of the Society.

Guenther Winkelmann
President of IBS

Download here the IBS Constitution.