International Biometals Symposia

11th International Biometals Symposium (Biometals 2018). Ottawa, Canada.

You are invited to attend the 11th International BioMetals Symposium (BioMetals 2018) to be held in Ottawa (Canada), organized by Dr. Alain Stintzi from the University of Ottawa.

Dates: 15-19 July 2018. 

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Alain Stintzi, University of Ottawa

Jean-François Couture, University of Ottawa

James Butcher, University of Ottawa

    Previous Biometals Symposia

    • 8th International Biometals Symposium (Biometals 2012). Brussels, Belgium.
    • 6th International Biometals Symposium (Biometals 2008). Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
    • 5th International Biometals Symposium (Biometals 2006). Welches, Oregon, USA.
    • 4th International Biometals Symposium (Biometals 2004). Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
    • 2nd International Biometals Symposium (Biometals 2000). Tübingen, Germany
    • 1st International Biometals Symposium, 1997. Calgary, Canada

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